2013 Public Review Draft BDCP

In accordance with the California Natural Community Conservation Planning Act (NCCPA) and Section 10 of the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) the Draft BDCP was made available for public review and comment from December 13, 2013 through July 29, 2014. Additionally, the Draft Implementing Agreement was made available for a 60-day public review and comment period, effective May 30, 2014 through July 29, 2014. 

The public comment period closed on July 29, 2014. For more information on the public comment process, click here.

On August 27, 2014 the Department of Water Resources and the other state and federal agencies leading the Bay Delta Conservation Plan announced that they will publish a partially Recirculated Draft BDCP, Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS), and Implementing Agreement (IA) in 2015.  The agencies are currently reviewing the comments received through the public comment period that ended on July 29, 2014.  The recirculated documents will include those portions of each document that warrant another public review prior to publication of final documents.  The public will also have the opportunity to review the final documents prior to their adoption and any decisions about the proposed actions.

Download a copy of the Highlights of the BDCP brochure here.

Watch informational episodes on the BDCP chapters here.

To review the BDCP Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS), click here. Or, learn more about the public review process here.

Draft Implementing Agreement

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Provides background, planning goals, regulatory context, a description of the scope of the BDCP including the Plan Area and covered species, overview of the planning process, and details of how the Plan is organized.

Chapter 2 - Existing Ecological Conditions

Provides context through a description of historical ecological conditions in the Delta, as well as a description of existing conditions in both the physical environment and in natural communities.

Chapter 3 - Conservation Strategy

Describes the biological goals and objectives and the conservation measures in detail, including the methods and approach. This chapter also describes the adaptive management and monitoring program.

Chapter 4 - Covered Activities

Describes activities "covered" by the Plan, meaning activities for which regulatory agencies will make decisions on issuance of permits.

Chapter 5 - Effects Analysis

Describes the effects of BDCP implementation on ecosystem processes, natural communities, and covered species.  It is important to note that other environmental impacts are being evaluated in the EIR/EIS.

DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Chapter 5 - Effects Analysis12/09/201322.62 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5A - 1 - Climate Change Implications for Natural Communities and Terrestrial Species12/09/20130.77 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5A - 2 - Climate Change Approach and Implications for Aquatic Species12/09/20137.50 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5B - Entrainment12/09/201310.52 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5C - Part 1 - Flow Passage Salinity and Turbidity12/09/20133.61 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5C - Part 2 - Flow Passage Salinity and Turbidity12/09/201324.71 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5C - Part 3 - Flow Passage Salinity and Turbidity12/09/201319.53 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5C - Part 4 - Flow Passage Salinity and Turbidity12/09/20134.03 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5C - Part 5 - Flow Passage Salinity and Turbidity12/09/201321.27 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5C - Part 6 - Flow Passage Salinity and Turbidity12/09/201330.67 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5D - Contaminants12/09/20132.96 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5E - Habitat Restoration12/09/201329.25 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5F - Biological Stressors on Covered Fish12/09/20132.57 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5G - Fish Life Cycle Models12/09/20132.10 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5H - Aquatic Construction and Maintenance Effects12/09/20133.77 MB
DownloadPublic Draft BDCP Appendix 5J - Effects on Natural Communities Wildlife and Plants12/09/201315.31 MB

Chapter 6 - Plan Implementation

Describes the timing and phases of conservation measure implementation, plan reporting procedures, regulatory assurances, changed circumstances and remedial measures, approach to addressing unforeseen circumstances, and permit amendment procedures.

Chapter 7 - Implementation Structure

Describes the institutional structure and organizational arrangements that will be established to govern and implement the BDCP. This chapter identifies the roles, functions, authorities, and responsibilities of the various entities that will participate in BDCP implementation.

Chapter 8 - Implementation Costs and Funding Sources

Outlines implementation cost estimates over the proposed 50-year term of the BDCP, including the costs related to each of its primary components. This chapter also identifies likely funding sources.

Chapter 9 - Alternatives to Take

Describes alternatives BDCP considered that would either reduce the amount of "take" or increase the level of conservation of listed species. The chapter also describes in detail whether each alternative was found to meet BDCP goals and be practicable.   

Chapter 10 - Integration of Independent Science in BDCP Development

Describes the role of independent scientific advice used to guide the development of the BDCP.

Chapter 11 - List of Preparers

Identifies the entities or individuals who participated in preparing the BDCP or provided technical assistance on BDCP development.

Chapter 12 - Glossary

Download the Documents

The public review draft BDCP documents may be downloaded individually from the grids below, or they may be downloaded in .zip files. You can download the entire collection in a single zip file or in several slightly smaller zip files. Please note that these files are very large and may take a long time to download depending on your connection speed.


3/21/14 Update

Errata to the Draft BDCP, here.