Archived BDCP Draft Chapters - 2012

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The following preliminary draft BDCP documents are available prior to the Public Draft documents to be released for formal public review and comment in 2013. These documents are preliminary and subject to change. This information does not take the place of formal "public review" as pursuant to state and federal requirements. Only formal public comments submitted during the official comment period on the Draft BDCP will be responded to, in writing, as part of the Final BDCP. Documents will be posted as they become available. View the schedule of expected release dates.

The BDCP is undergoing a thorough environmental review under state and federal law. Review the preliminary draft BDCP EIR/EIS chapters.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Provides background, planning goals, regulatory context, a description of the scope of the Plan including the Plan Area and covered species, overview of the planning process, and details of how the Plan is organized.

Chapter 2 - Existing Ecological Conditions

Provides context through a description of historical ecological conditions in the Delta, as well as a description of existing conditions in both the physical environment and in natural communities.

Chapter 3 - Conservation Strategy

Describes the Plan’s intended biological outcomes and details the means by which these outcomes will be achieved. The conservation strategy includes the BDCP’s biological goals and objectives and identifies a set of conservation actions to provide for the conservation and management of covered species and natural communities upon which they depend, and to avoid, minimize, and mitigate for the potential effects of covered activities on these resources.

Chapter 4 - Covered Activities

Describes activities "covered" by the plan, meaning activities for which regulatory agencies will provide necessary permits as a result of the project proponents agreeing to implement the conservation plan.

Chapter 5 - Effects Analysis

Assessment of Effects of the Plan and Levels of Take provides results of extensive analyses conducted to determine the effects of the plan on covered species.  It is important to note that other environmental impacts are being evaluated in the EIR/EIS.

DownloadBDCP Chapter 5 - Effects Analysis 2-29-1202/29/20129.38 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.A.1 - Climate Change Implications for Natural Communities and Terrestrial Species 4-30-1204/30/20121.04 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.A.2 - Climate Change Approach and Implications for Aquatic Species 4-30-1204/30/20123.86 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.B: Entrainment 3-30-201203/31/201213.07 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.C.1 thru 5.C.7 w/out 5.C.5 - Flow, Passage, Salinity, and Turbidity 4-13-1204/13/20123.45 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.C.5.2 - Upstream Habitat Results -13-1204/13/201225.56 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.C.5.3 - Passage Movement and Migration Results 4-13-1204/13/20129.67 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.C.5.4 - Delta Habitat (Plan Area) Results 4-13-1204/13/201212.03 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.C: Attachment C.A - CALSIM and DSM2 Results 4-13-1204/13/20129.29 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.C: Attachment C.B SacEFT Design and Guidelines 4-13-1204/13/20125.35 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.D: Toxins01/06/20122.16 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.E: Habitat Restoration01/16/201210.22 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.F: Biological Stressors on Covered Fish 3-2-1203/02/20122.88 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.G: Fish Life Cycle Models (Population)12/12/20112.58 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.H: Aquatic Construction Effects 2-29-1202/29/20122.03 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.I: Other Federal Regulatory Analyses 2-29-1202/29/20120.16 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.J: Scenario 6 Comparison 2-29-1202/29/20124.72 MB
DownloadBDCP Effects Analysis - Appendix 5.K: Effects on Natural Communities Wildlife and Plants 2-29-1202/29/20121.75 MB
DownloadEffects Analysis - Fish Agency Red Flag Comments and Responses 4-25-1204/25/20120.18 MB
DownloadEffects Analysis - Bureau of Reclamation Red Flag Comments and Responses 5-31-1205/31/20120.15 MB

Chapter 6 - Plan Implementation

Provides descriptions of compliance monitoring and reporting procedures, requested regulatory assurances, changed circumstances and remedial measures, approach to addressing unforeseen circumstances, permit amendment procedures, and the expected implementation schedule.

Chapter 7 - Implementation Structure

Describes the institutional structure and organizational arrangements that will be established to govern and implement the BDCP, and establishes the roles, functions, authorities, and responsibilities of the various entities that will participate in plan implementation.

Chapter 8 - Implementation Costs and Funding Sources

Outlines implementation cost estimates over the proposed 50-year term of the Plan, including the costs related to each of its primary components.

Chapter 9 - Alternatives to Take

Describes alternatives to the BDCP that would either reduce the amount of "take" or increase the level of conservation of listed species. The chapter also describes in detail why each alternative was ultimately found to be impractical or otherwise insufficient.  Alternatives will be evaluated in depth as part of the EIR/EIS.

Chapter 10 - Integration of Independent Science into BDCP

Describes the role of independent scientific advice used to guide the development of the BDCP.


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