The BDCP Planning Process

State and Federal environmental laws, regulations, and guidelines encourage public agencies to revise project proposals based on concerns brought forth during the public review process.  During the 2013-2014 public comment period, commenters expressed concerns about the potential impacts of large-scale habitat restoration on the Delta economy and community character. Other comments articulated concerns about the expected effectiveness of certain habitat restoration measures and the nature of climate change and the related level of scientific uncertainty about future conditions. Additionally, there were widespread concerns that there was too much scientific uncertainty to support a 50-year permit term as was proposed in the BDCP (Alternative 4). These comments prompted the State to consult with agencies and interested parties, review, reconsider, and ultimately propose a modified alternative, Alternative 4A.  Alternative 4A will be evaluated in the Recirculated Draft EIR/Supplemental Draft EIS (RDEIR/SDEIS) that will be available for public review and comment in coming months.

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