Water wise landscaping

Water Supply

The Delta is an invaluable natural resource, providing water supplies to millions of Californians and supporting a unique and complex ecosystem.

The state’s two most important water delivery systems are located in the Delta: the federal Central Valley Project (CVP), and the California State Water Project (SWP). The CVP and SWP deliver high-quality water to 25 million people throughout the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Southern California. From the north Delta to the Mexican border, water from the CVP and SWP supports farms and ranches that are a source of financial stability for the state and produce much of the nation’s domestically grown fresh produce. 

The proposed water delivery system would modernize our aging infrastructure, guard against water supply disruptions caused by the failure of aging levees that are ill-equipped to withstand sea-level rise and earthquakes, and ensure that local water infrastructure projects like water recycling, refilling groundwater basins, and improving water quality are sustainable, happen faster, and work better. 

The future of reliable, high-quality water supplies for Californians depends upon a healthy Delta ecosystem and critical upgrades to the Delta’s water delivery system.

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