• eNewsletter: Progress in Achieving the Co-Equal Goals

    10/24/2014 2:09:30 PM

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    eNewsletter Progress in achieving co-equal goals

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  • eNewsletter: Water Use Efficiency

    10/16/2014 2:41:00 PM

    View today's BDCP eNewsletter, Water Use Efficiency.

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  • eNewsletter: BDCP Benefits Delta Ecosystem

    10/3/2014 11:42:24 AM

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  • Lead Agencies to Publish Partially Recirculated Draft BDCP, EIR/EIS, and Implementing Agreement

    8/27/2014 8:36:00 AM

    The Department of Water Resources and the other state and federal agencies leading the Bay Delta Conservation Plan will publish a Recirculated Draft BDCP, Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS), and Implementing Agreement (IA) in early 2015. The agencies are currently reviewing the comments received through the public comment period that ended on July 29, 2014. The scope of the partially recirculated draft documents will be announced in approximately six to eight weeks. The recirculated documents will include those portions of each document that warrant another public review prior to publication of final documents.  The public will also have the opportunity to review the final documents prior to their adoption and any decisions about the proposed actions.

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  • BDCP Water Conveyance Facility Presentation to Delta Protection Commission

    6/27/2014 11:50:44 AM

    On Thursday, June 26, the Department of Water Resources presented information regarding construction of proposed BDCP water facilities, including visual simulations of the intakes, to the Delta Protection Commission. The full presentation is available below. Additional informational episodes are available here

    To watch, click "Start Prezi" then use arrows to navigate. Click the icon in the bottom right of the player to view full-screen. Note that this presentation has no audio.

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  • New Report on BDCP Job Creation and Protection

    6/23/2014 1:54:02 PM

    UC Berkeley economist Dr. David Sunding finds that the BDCP would create and protect more than one million full-time equivalent jobs over the project’s 50-year implementation period. Details on the study and other related informational materials available below:

    Jobs Impact Analysis Memo 

    eNewsletter: BDCP Job Creation and Protection 

    BDCP Jobs and Creation InfoGraphic

    New YQA: How many jobs will the BDCP create?

    BDCP Job Creation and Protection Informational Episode 

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  • Setting the Record Straight on Sunding Quotes

    6/20/2014 7:27:33 PM

    Opponents of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) grossly misquoted BDCP consultant Dr. David Sunding. At the recent Continuing Legal Education Water Law Conference held in San Diego, Dr. Sunding said that water agencies will not know their specific costs until the financing plan and cost allocations are determined. After that, he said, agencies can fully assess the business case for BDCP.

    Dr. Sunding’s presentation can be viewed online and is based on information presented in Chapter 9, of the BDCP. The facts and information in this presentation show that the project passes a cost-benefit test. Additional information on the cost of the project compared to alternative supply projects has recently been released and can be found online.

    The BDCP seeks to protect the reliability of California’s two largest water projects that tap a major sources of supply – the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains - by improving how water moves through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. As one part of the state’s overall water plan, the BDCP’s proposed water delivery improvements seek to stabilize Delta water supplies, respond to climate change, and protect against natural disasters.

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  • BDCP Cost and Yield Information Now Available

    6/18/2014 3:02:44 PM

    New information on the cost of BDCP to urban water users, as well as an analysis of the cost of BDCP compared with other water supply sources, is now available:

    eNewsletter: BDCP Cost and Yield

    Your Questions Answered: How does the BDCP cost and yield compare to ocean desalination and recycling?

    Memo from The Brattle Group: BDCP versus Alternative Supplies 

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  • Draft Implementing Agreement Available; Draft BDCP and associated Draft EIR/EIS Comment Period Extended

    5/30/2014 9:45:50 AM

    The U.S. Department of the Interior and the California Natural Resources Agency today released the "Draft Implementing Agreement for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (IA)” for a 60-day public review and comment period. The Draft IA can be found here.

    Lead state and federal agencies have also extended the public comment period for the Draft BDCP and associated Draft EIR/EIS by an additional 46 days to allow the public more time to review and comment. The comment period began on December 13, 2013 and will conclude on July 29, 2014.

    The Draft BDCP and Draft EIR/EIS are being made available to the public in accordance with the California Natural Community Conservation Planning Act (NCCPA), Section 10 of the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA,) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). 

    Comments on the Draft BDCP, associated Draft EIR/EIS, and Draft IA must be received electronically or postmarked on or before July 29, 2014.

    Written comments on all documents may be submitted via mail or hand delivery to Ryan Wulff, National Marine Fisheries Service, 650 Capitol Mall, Suite 5–100, Sacramento, CA 95814, or email to

    More information on the Draft Implementing Agreement:

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  • Correction on DPC Visual Simulations of BDCP Facilities

    5/23/2014 3:53:02 PM

    The Sacramento Bee’s article on visual simulations of certain aspects of the BDCP did not fully or accurately depict DWR’s review of the Delta Protection Commission’s (DPC) visual simulations of the BDCP proposed CM 1 construction. For the record, DWR engineers provided comments to the DPC’s simulation, but did not verify its accuracy.

    The visual simulations, while useful from an artistic perspective, do not accurately depict the size and scale of the structures or the shape of the project footprint. There are several engineering details that are not shown as they would be constructed. The result is a visualization that portrays a worst-case scenario, with inaccuracies that go much beyond a modest difference in opinion. 

    Knowing that there is high interest in visual resources, DWR is engaged in an effort to provide better actual visual portrayals of the proposed project in relation to the river and levee and surrounding land.   DWR’s visual simulations will properly represent the progression of construction, starting from the relocation of Highway 160, installation of a cofferdam, installation of a perimeter cutoff wall, mass excavation, pile installation, structure slab installation, pipe and manifold installation, wall installation, mass grading, above ground structure construction, finish grading and paving, and finally, the finished facility. They will be based on information in the Conceptual Engineering Reports and by comparison will be more precise and not an artist's representation. As a part of plan implementation, DWR will work with the local community to design the architectural aspects and work together to address community preferences. 

    The BDCP has provided several resources to assist the public with understanding the details of facility construction and construction activities. The Draft Conceptual Engineering Reports, available online, were developed to support the development of the draft EIR/EIS and the description of facilities and construction impacts. They have the most accurate depiction of the proposed project facilities for each of the alternatives. In addition, there are several informational episodes, also available online, that provide information on groundwater and pile driving impacts during construction.  

    Intake Drawing

    Source: Conceptual Engineering Report, Modified Pipeline/Tunnel Option, Volume 1 - Conceptual Engineering Report, Figure 6–2 On-Bank Intake, Page 6-3.

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