2013-2014 Opinion Articles

The following selected opinion articles represent the views of the state administration in support of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.

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Twin Tunnels Won’t Take More Water

By Gerald H. Meral, Deputy Secretary, California Natural Resources Agency
Special to Manteca Bulletin

The Manteca City Council has expressed concern that the Bay Delta Conservation Plan’s “twin tunnel” scenario could endanger the city’s existing water rights (“Manteca leaders: Twin tunnels put water in jeopardy,” June 26). This fear arises in part from a common misperception: that the tunnels are intended to increase the amount of water sent to points south of the Delta.  In reality, the tunnels are aimed at simply restoring a consistent flow of water that answers the needs of the system’s many stakeholders.

The plan seeks to stabilize water supplies to the average annual level established over the recent past. Water deliveries will vary based on conditions, carrying more water in high-flow years so that diversions can be reduced in dry periods. The plan preserves San Joaquin Valley agriculture by creating a more reliable and secure supply.

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